Why Us

On this beautiful and ever changing island of Ibiza that we call our home, the Villas Ibiza team, through many collective years of varying experience (and in some cases even generations of experience) in buying, developing, selling, and renting properties, know for sure that there are actually only a few essentials that are needed to be successful, and to deliver every time.

And put simply, these essentials are :


We at Villas Ibiza are very conscious that Ibiza can be a daunting and rather opaque market both for those seeking a change of lifestyle or holiday home, and also for investors, where Northern European or American markets seem a lot simpler to understand, even though a lot less fun of course.

What we are really trying to create for all of our clients – be they owner clients who wish to list their properties with us for sale or rent on Ibiza, clients looking to purchase property, holiday clients wishing to rent villas, or investor clients aiming to build or renovate – is a real sense of trust and even though it sounds rather cliché, to create a lasting bond of friendship.


We do not need to hit targets or tick boxes set by bosses overseas, that do not understand the unique approach needed to deal successfully in property on this island. We do not have to sell villas in Ibiza to pay for staff that will more than likely not be around in six months’ time anyway. We will always be here. Therefore you as our client will always come first, not the balance sheet sitting in front of the Company Director.


At Villas Ibiza we know what needs to be done to get ‘stuff’ sorted when it comes to anything property related. We are not flash, we do not need fancy gadgets or sexy software (that might give an agency the edge in New York or London but gets lost in the dusty caminos of Ibiza), or endless boring blogs recycling the same dirge as everyone else just in a different order, and we do not need to shout about ourselves too loudly. We just know how to get things done properly, quietly, and in a professional way.


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For more information on our luxury Ibiza villas for sale and rent, or to discuss the car, boat and plane rental services we offer, feel free to get in touch with our team of experts. They will be happy to help you through the process of booking your dream holiday to Ibiza.

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Jordan Assassa Tel : +34 624 411 955 Email : jordan@villasibiza.com
Anastasia Sokolenko Tel : +34 660 049 484 Email : anastasia@villasibiza.com

Hidden from the public - but for sale

Some of our listings are not on the market. We are in contact with owners that don't want their properties to be listed, or for the general market to even know they are for sale.

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