Weather for October in Ibiza

So, what can you expect from Ibiza weather in October? October temperatures are at a more bearable climate, with highs of 23 and plenty of sunshine. The days are shorter so you will see a sunset at around 7.30 PM which means you can head out for dinner relatively early.

Weather for October in Ibiza – You will still be able to sit outside to dine, and most places open at this time of year are prepared for the nights to be a little bit cooler as the weather in Ibiza can also surprise you with short bursts of rain. There are plenty of restaurants with inside space too, we recommend Marc’s in Jesus and La Brasa in Ibiza Old Town.

Generally, the weather in Ibiza in October is pleasant, perfect for getting around the island and discovering its hidden gems and you will still be able to lie on a sun lounger for a few hours a day.

It is the perfect season for house hunting too as you can get around the island easily without sitting in traffic and getting all hot and flustered. A lot of the properties for sale can also be rented so it is less likely they will have guests staying so you can have a proper look around your dream house.

Most of the crowds have gone so you will certainly be able to find a great deal on accommodation, we can even look into letting you stay in one of our villas which could potentially be your new home.

For some visitors, you can even still get out to the island later in the year. The weather in November is a lot cooler but generally, the days are clear and sunny, great for walking around and seeing the side of the island you can only find in the winter. The temperature in Ibiza in November reaches highs of 19 degrees with only around 5 days of rain.

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