Villas Ibiza Buying Guide

House buying, in general, can be confusing but the process of buying a house in Spain can be extremely complicated if you don’t know what to expect.

You can still buy a house with a mortgage in Ibiza, the deposits expected can sometimes be higher than what you would expect in the UK and there are a few other costs which you may not be familiar with.

Purchasing a house is also not as straight forward if you do not have residency status. You would have to obtain your NIE number – this is like the UK’s National Insurance number and have a Spanish bank account.

You will also need a solicitor, preferably one that speaks Spanish and is a resident on the island. At Villas Ibiza, we have our own in-house legal counsel that can act for you.

Once you find a property you will also need to pay a reservation deposit which is non-refundable, usually of around 5000 euros, and you will also sign a proposed contract. You will then need to pay a deposit of at least ten per cent.

When the purchase process is completed, there would be ownership taxes that should be paid regularly as IBI (Municipality Tax). Either a resident in Spain or not, all the property owners are responsible for IBI.

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