Villas Ibiza Buying Guide

House buying in general can be confusing but the process for buying a house in Spain can be extremely complicated if you don’t know what to expect.
You can still buy a house with a mortgage on Ibiza, the deposits expected can sometimes be higher than what you would expect in the UK and there are a few other costs which you may not be familiar with.

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Ibiza Property Market

Just like most of the rest of the world, the property market in Ibiza in 2020 has not been as fruitful as it would usually be. Ibiza real estate prices are still more expensive than your average house price in Spain with Ibiza Town being the priciest location to look for a property in the whole of Spain.

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Weather for October in Ibiza

So, what can you expect from Ibiza weather in October? October temperatures are at a more bearable climate, with highs of 23 and plenty of sunshine. The days are shorter so you will see a sunset at around 7.30PM which means you can head out for dinner relatively early.

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Celebrities who live on Ibiza

The island of Ibiza really is a paradise for the rich and famous but some choose to stay for more than just a vacation. With houses amongst the quieter residential...

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Hidden from the public - but for sale

Some of our listings are not on the market. We are in contact with owners that don't want their properties to be listed, or for the general market to even know they are for sale.

Contact us for our current secret listings.

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